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com.herewhite.sdk.domain.WindowDocsEvent Class Reference


class  Options

Public Member Functions

 WindowDocsEvent (String event)
 WindowDocsEvent (String event, Options options)
String getEvent ()
void setEvent (String event)
Options getOptions ()
void setOptions (Options options)

Static Public Member Functions

static WindowDocsEvent JumpToPage (Integer page)

Static Public Attributes

static WindowDocsEvent PrevPage = new WindowDocsEvent("prevPage")
static WindowDocsEvent NextPage = new WindowDocsEvent("nextPage")
static WindowDocsEvent PrevStep = new WindowDocsEvent("prevStep")
static WindowDocsEvent NextStep = new WindowDocsEvent("nextStep")

Detailed Description

The WindowDocsEvent class. Used to define events for controling docs.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ WindowDocsEvent()

com.herewhite.sdk.domain.WindowDocsEvent.WindowDocsEvent ( String  event,
Options  options 
eventDocs event, including the following:
  • prevPage: Previous page.
  • nextPage: Next page.
  • prevStep: Previous step.
  • nextStep: Next step.
  • jumpToPage: Jump to page.
optionsThe options of the event. Needed only when event is jumpToPage, specifying the target page you want to jump to.

Member Function Documentation

◆ JumpToPage()

static WindowDocsEvent com.herewhite.sdk.domain.WindowDocsEvent.JumpToPage ( Integer  page)

Jumps to a specified page of a doc.

pageThe target page you want to jump to.

Member Data Documentation

◆ PrevPage

WindowDocsEvent com.herewhite.sdk.domain.WindowDocsEvent.PrevPage = new WindowDocsEvent("prevPage")

Previous page.

◆ NextPage

WindowDocsEvent com.herewhite.sdk.domain.WindowDocsEvent.NextPage = new WindowDocsEvent("nextPage")

Next page.

◆ PrevStep

WindowDocsEvent com.herewhite.sdk.domain.WindowDocsEvent.PrevStep = new WindowDocsEvent("prevStep")

Previous step.

◆ NextStep

WindowDocsEvent com.herewhite.sdk.domain.WindowDocsEvent.NextStep = new WindowDocsEvent("nextStep")

Next step.