AgoraChatSDK 1.2.0
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AgoraChatMessageReaction Class Reference

#import <AgoraChatMessageReaction.h>

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NSString * reaction
NSUInteger count
BOOL isAddedBySelf
NSArray< NSString * > * userList

Detailed Description

The message reaction object.

Property Documentation

◆ count

- (NSUInteger) count

The count of the users who added this Reaction.

◆ isAddedBySelf

- (BOOL) isAddedBySelf

Whether the current user added this Reaction.

  • Yes: Yes;
  • No: No.

◆ reaction

- (NSString*) reaction

The Reaction content.

◆ userList

- (NSArray<NSString *>*) userList

The list of users that added this Reaction.

Note To get the entire list of users adding this Reaction, you can call getReactionDetail(IAgoraChatManager) which returns the user list with pagination. Other methods like reactionList(AgoraChatMessage), getReactionList(IAgoraChatManager) or messageReactionDidChange(AgoraChatManagerDelegate) can get the first three users.

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