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AgoraChatGroupOptions Class Reference

#import <AgoraChatGroupOptions.h>

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Instance Methods

(NSInteger maxUsersCount) - __deprecated_msg


AgoraChatGroupStyle style
NSInteger maxUsers
BOOL IsInviteNeedConfirm
NSString * ext

Detailed Description

The group options.

Method Documentation

◆ __deprecated_msg

- (NSInteger maxUsersCount) __deprecated_msg ("Use maxUsers instead") 

The group capacity (3-2000, the default is 200)

Property Documentation

◆ ext

- (NSString*) ext

The extra information of the group.

◆ IsInviteNeedConfirm

- (BOOL) IsInviteNeedConfirm

Whether to send an invitation notification when inviting a user to join the group. If you set it as NO, the user joins the group automatically.

◆ maxUsers

- (NSInteger) maxUsers

The maximum number of members in a group. The value range is [3,2000]; the default value is 200.

◆ style

- (AgoraChatGroupStyle) style

The group style.

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