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AgoraChatCombineMessageBody Class Reference

#import <AgoraChatCombineMessageBody.h>

Inheritance diagram for AgoraChatCombineMessageBody:
AgoraChatFileMessageBody AgoraChatMessageBody

Instance Methods

(instancetype _Nonnull) - initWithTitle:summary:compatibleText:messageIdList:
- Instance Methods inherited from AgoraChatFileMessageBody
(instancetype _Nonnull) - initWithLocalPath:displayName:
(instancetype _Nonnull) - initWithData:displayName:


NSString *_Nullable title
NSString *_Nullable summary
NSString *_Nullable compatibleText
NSArray< NSString * > *_Nonnull messageIdList
- Properties inherited from AgoraChatFileMessageBody
NSString * displayName
NSString * localPath
NSString * remotePath
NSString * secretKey
long long fileLength
AgoraChatDownloadStatus downloadStatus
- Properties inherited from AgoraChatMessageBody
AgoraChatMessageBodyType type
NSUInteger operationTime
NSString * operatorId
NSUInteger operatorCount

Detailed Description

The combine message body.

Method Documentation

◆ initWithTitle:summary:compatibleText:messageIdList:

- (instancetype _Nonnull) initWithTitle: (NSString *_Nullable)  aTitle
summary: (NSString *_Nullable)  aSummary
compatibleText: (NSString *_Nullable)  aCompatibleText
messageIdList: (NSArray< NSString * > *_Nonnull)  aMessageIdList 

Initializes a combined message body instance.

aTitleThe title of the combined message.
aSummaryThe summary of the combined message.
aCompatibleTextThe compatible text.
aMessageIdListThe list of messageId included in the combined message.
The combined message body instance.

Property Documentation

◆ compatibleText

- (NSString* _Nullable) compatibleText

The compatible text.

◆ messageIdList

- (NSArray<NSString *>* _Nonnull) messageIdList

Get the list of messageId included in the combined message.

◆ summary

- (NSString* _Nullable) summary

The message summary.

◆ title

- (NSString* _Nullable) title

The message title.

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