leaveChatThread method

Future<void> leaveChatThread(
  1. {required String chatThreadId}

Leave Chat Thread.

The operation is available to Chat Thread members. After leave chat thread, the multiple devices will receive the notification event. You can set {@ChatMultiDeviceEventHandler} to listen on the event. The event callback function is ChatMultiDeviceEventHandler.onChatThreadEvent, where the first parameter is the event, and chat thread exit event is ChatMultiDevicesEvent.CHAT_THREAD_LEAVE.

Param chatThreadId Chat Thread ID.

Throws A description of the exception. See ChatError.


Future<void> leaveChatThread({
  required String chatThreadId,
}) async {
  Map req = {
    "threadId": chatThreadId,
  Map result = await _channel.invokeMethod(
  try {
  } on ChatError catch (e) {
    throw e;