ChatPushManager class Null safety

The message push configuration options.

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fetchConversationSilentMode({required String conversationId, required ChatConversationType type}) Future<ChatSilentModeResult>
Gets the DND setting of the special conversation.
fetchPreferredNotificationLanguage() Future<String?>
Gets the push translation language set by the user.
fetchPushConfigsFromServer() Future<ChatPushConfigs>
Gets the push configurations from the server.
fetchSilentModeForAll() Future<ChatSilentModeResult>
Gets the DND normal settings of the current login user.
fetchSilentModeForConversations(List<ChatConversation> conversations) Future<Map<String, ChatSilentModeResult>>
Obtain the DND Settings of specified conversations in batches.
getNoPushUsersFromCache() Future<List<String>>
Gets the list of users which have blocked the push notification.
getPushConfigsFromCache() Future<ChatPushConfigs?>
getPushTemplate() Future<String?>
Gets the offline push template for Settings.
noSuchMethod(Invocation invocation) → dynamic
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removeConversationSilentMode({required String conversationId, required ChatConversationType type}) Future<void>
Remove the setting of offline push notification type for the special conversation. After clearing, the session follows the Settings of the current logged-in user ChatPushManager.setSilentModeForAll.
setConversationSilentMode({required String conversationId, required ChatConversationType type, required ChatSilentModeParam param}) Future<void>
Set offline push notification type for the special conversation.
setPreferredNotificationLanguage(String languageCode) Future<void>
Set user push translation language.
setPushTemplate(String pushTemplateName) Future<void>
Set the push template for offline push.
setSilentModeForAll({required ChatSilentModeParam param}) Future<void>
Set the DND normal settings for the current login user.
toString() String
A string representation of this object.
updateAPNsDeviceToken(String token) Future<void>
Updates the APNs push token.
updateFCMPushToken(String token) Future<void>
Updates the FCM push token.
updateHMSPushToken(String token) Future<void>
Updates the HMS push token.
updatePushDisplayStyle(DisplayStyle displayStyle) Future<void>
Updates the push message style. The default value is DisplayStyle.Simple.
updatePushNickname(String nickname) Future<void>
Updates the push display nickname of the current user.
updatePushServiceForGroup({required List<String> groupIds, required bool enablePush}) Future<void>
Sets whether to turn on or turn off the push notification for the the specified groups.


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