Chat SDK for Android v1.2.1
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io.agora.ValueCallBack< T > Interface Template Reference

Public Member Functions

void onSuccess (T value)
void onError (final int error, final String errorMsg)
default void onProgress (int progress, String status)

Detailed Description

The callback function with a parameter. For the callback function without a parameter, see CallBack.

<T>value The parameter type.

Member Function Documentation

◆ onError()

void io.agora.ValueCallBack< T >.onError ( final int  error,
final String  errorMsg 

Occurs when the request fails.

errorThe error code. See Error.
errorMsgA description of the issue that caused this call to fail.

◆ onProgress()

default void io.agora.ValueCallBack< T >.onProgress ( int  progress,
String  status 

Occurs when the progress updates.

progressThe progress information.
statusA description of the progress. Might be an empty string "" or null if the SDK does not return the information.

◆ onSuccess()

void io.agora.ValueCallBack< T >.onSuccess ( value)

Occurs when the callback function executes successfully with a value returned.

valueThe class type of value is T.

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