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io.agora.push.PushType Enum Reference

Public Member Functions

String getName ()

Static Public Member Functions

static PushType getType (String name)

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Detailed Description

The push types.

Member Function Documentation

◆ getName()

String io.agora.push.PushType.getName ( )

Gets the push type name.

The push type name.

◆ getType()

static PushType io.agora.push.PushType.getType ( String  name)

Gets the push type.

nameThe push type name.
The push type.

Member Data Documentation


io.agora.push.PushType.HMSPUSH =("HUAWEI")

The Mi push.


io.agora.push.PushType.HONORPUSH =("HONOR")

The VIVO push.


io.agora.push.PushType.MEIZUPUSH =("MEIZU")

The HUAWEI push.


io.agora.push.PushType.MIPUSH =("MI")

The FCM push.


io.agora.push.PushType.NORMAL =("NORMAL")

The HONOR push.


io.agora.push.PushType.OPPOPUSH =("OPPO")

The MEIZU push.


io.agora.push.PushType.VIVOPUSH =("VIVO")

The OPPO push.

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