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class  TranslationInfo

Public Member Functions

 TextMessageBody (String msg)
String getMessage ()
void setMessage (String message)
String toString ()
int describeContents ()
void writeToParcel (Parcel dest, int flags)
void setTargetLanguages (List< String > languageList)
List< String > getTargetLanguages ()
List< TranslationInfo > getTranslations ()

Static Public Attributes

static final Parcelable.Creator< TextMessageBodyCREATOR

Detailed Description

The text message body.

TextMessageBody body = new TextMessageBody("hello hyphenate chat sdk!");
TextMessageBody(String msg)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ TextMessageBody() ( String  msg)

Creates a text message body.

msgThe text content.

Member Function Documentation

◆ getMessage()

String ( )

Gets the text message body.

The text content.

◆ getTargetLanguages()

List< String > ( )

Get the target language for translation

Language code list

◆ getTranslations()

List< TranslationInfo > ( )

Get the translation list

Translation information list

◆ setMessage()

void ( String  message)

Sets the text message body's content. @Note: you can only modify the local data.

messageThe text content.

◆ setTargetLanguages()

void ( List< String >  languageList)

Set the target language for translation

languageListLanguage code list

Member Data Documentation


final Parcelable.Creator<TextMessageBody>
Initial value:
= new Parcelable.Creator<TextMessageBody>() {
public TextMessageBody createFromParcel(Parcel in) {
return new TextMessageBody(in);
public TextMessageBody[] newArray(int size) {
return new TextMessageBody[size];

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