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Inherits< T >.


enum  SilentModeParamType

Public Member Functions

 SilentModeParam (SilentModeParamType paramType)
SilentModeParam setParamType (SilentModeParamType paramType)
SilentModeParam setRemindType (PushManager.PushRemindType remindType)
SilentModeParam setSilentModeDuration (int silentDuration)
SilentModeParam setSilentModeInterval (SilentModeTime startTime, SilentModeTime endTime)

Detailed Description

Offline push Settings parameter entity class

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SilentModeParam() ( SilentModeParamType  paramType)

Have the cords structure.

paramTypeThe parameter types.

Member Function Documentation

◆ setParamType()

SilentModeParam ( SilentModeParamType  paramType)

Setting parameter Type.

paramTypeThe parameter types.

◆ setRemindType()

SilentModeParam ( PushManager.PushRemindType  remindType)

Set the offline push notification type.

remindTypeOffline push notification type.

◆ setSilentModeDuration()

SilentModeParam ( int  silentDuration)

Set the offline push DND duration.

silentDurationOffline push DND duration, units of minutes.

◆ setSilentModeInterval()

SilentModeParam ( SilentModeTime  startTime,
SilentModeTime  endTime 

Set the start time of offline push DND.

startTimeDo not disturb start time.
endTimeDo not disturb end time.

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