Chat SDK for Android v1.2.1
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Inherits< T >.

Public Member Functions

String getPublisher ()
Map< String, Integer > getStatusList ()
String getExt ()
long getLatestTime ()
long getExpiryTime ()

Detailed Description

The presence property class that contains presence properties, including the publisher's user ID and current presence state, and the platform used by the online device, as well as the presence's extension information, update time, and subscription expiration time.

Member Function Documentation

◆ getExpiryTime()

long ( )
The expiration time of the presence subscription.

◆ getExt()

String ( )
The presence extension information.

◆ getLatestTime()

long ( )
The presence update time, which is generated by the server.

◆ getPublisher()

String ( )
The user ID of the presence publisher.

◆ getStatusList()

Map< String, Integer > ( )
The details of the current presence state. key:The platform used by the current online device of the publisher, which can be "ios", "android", "linux", "windows", or "webim". value:The current presence state of the publisher, 0 is offline, 1 is online.

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