Chat SDK for Android v1.2.1
agora java chat SDK
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Public Member Functions

 NormalFileMessageBody (File file)
 NormalFileMessageBody (Uri localPath)
long getFileSize ()
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 FileMessageBody (String localPath)
 FileMessageBody (Uri localPath)
String getFileName ()
void setFileName (String fileName)
String getLocalUrl ()
void setLocalUrl (String localUrl)
Uri getLocalUri ()
void setLocalUrl (Uri localUrl)
String getRemoteUrl ()
void setRemoteUrl (String remoteUrl)
void setSecret (String secret)
String getSecret ()
String displayName ()
void setFileLength (long length)
EMDownloadStatus downloadStatus ()
void setDownloadStatus (EMDownloadStatus status)
- Public Member Functions inherited from
long operationTime ()
String operatorId ()
int operationCount ()

Detailed Description

The normal file message body.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ NormalFileMessageBody() [1/2] ( File  file)

Creates a file message body by the file.

fileThe file instance.

◆ NormalFileMessageBody() [2/2] ( Uri  localPath)

Creates a file message body by the file Uri.

localPathThe file Uri.

Member Function Documentation

◆ getFileSize()

long ( )

Gets the size of the file.

The size of the file.

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