Chat SDK for Android v1.2.1
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Inherits< T >.

Public Member Functions

String getConversionID ()
String getMessageId ()
List< MessageReactiongetMessageReactionList ()
List< MessageReactionOperationgetOperations ()

Detailed Description

The message reaction change entity class, which has the following attributes:

ConversionID: The conversion ID. MessageId: The message ID. MessageReactionList: The list of Reactions.

Member Function Documentation

◆ getConversionID()

String ( )

Gets the conversion ID.

The conversion ID.

◆ getMessageId()

String ( )

Gets the message ID.

The message ID.

◆ getMessageReactionList()

List< MessageReaction > ( )

Gets the list of Reactions.

The list of Reactions.

◆ getOperations()

List< MessageReactionOperation > ( )

Gets the list of Reaction operations.

The list of Reaction operations.

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