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Public Attributes

int maxUsers = 200
GroupManager.GroupStyle style = GroupManager.GroupStyle.GroupStylePrivateOnlyOwnerInvite
boolean inviteNeedConfirm = false
String extField

Detailed Description

Group property options to be configured during group creation.

Member Data Documentation

◆ extField


Group detail extensions which can be in the JSON format to contain more group information.

◆ inviteNeedConfirm

boolean = false

This option defines whether to ask for content when inviting a user to join a group. Whether automatically acceting the invitation to join a group depends on two settings: inviteNeedConfirm, an option during group creation, and ChatOptions#setAutoAcceptGroupInvitation(boolean) which determines whether to automatically accept an invitation to join the group. There are two cases: (1) If inviteNeedConfirm is set to 'false', adds the invitee directly to the group on the server side regardless of the setting of ChatOptions#setAutoAcceptGroupInvitation(boolean).

(2) If inviteNeedConfirm is set to 'true', the user automatically joins a group or decides whether to join, depending on the setting of ChatOptions#setAutoAcceptGroupInvitation(boolean). ChatOptions#setAutoAcceptGroupInvitation(boolean) is an SDK-level operation. If it is set to true, SDK calls the API for agreeing to join the group to automatically accept the joining invitation. If inviteNeedConfirm is set to false, SDK does not automatically accept its invitation, but the user decides to accept or reject the invitation.

◆ maxUsers

int = 200

The maximum number of members in a group.

◆ style

GroupManager.GroupStyle = GroupManager.GroupStyle.GroupStylePrivateOnlyOwnerInvite

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