Chat SDK for Android v1.2.1
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Inherits< T >.

Public Member Functions

String getResource ()
String getDeviceUUID ()
String getDeviceName ()

Detailed Description

The Multi-device information. You can call ChatClient#getLoggedInDevicesFromServer(String, String) to get the related information.

Member Function Documentation

◆ getDeviceName()

String ( )

Gets the device model name.If the user defines the device name, the device name is the user-defined one.

The device type. For example: "Pixel 6 Pro".

◆ getDeviceUUID()

String ( )

Gets the UUID of the device.

The UUID of the device.

◆ getResource()

String ( )

Gets the information of the other logged in devices.

Through the device information, you can distinguish the device type, for example:

String deviceResource = getResource();
String deviceType = deviceResource.substring(0, deviceResource.indexOf("_"));
if(deviceType.equalsIgnoreCase("ios")) {
// iOS device
}else if(deviceType.equalsIgnoreCase("android")) {
// android device
}else if(deviceType.equalsIgnoreCase("web")) {
// web device
}else if(deviceType.equalsIgnoreCase("win")) {
// win device
}else if(deviceType.equalsIgnoreCase("iMac")) {
// mac device
String getResource()
The other devicesā€˜ information.

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