Chat SDK for Android v1.1.0
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Public Member Functions

 CustomMessageBody (String event)
String event ()
void setEvent (String event)
Map< String, String > getParams ()
void setParams (Map< String, String > params)
int describeContents ()
void writeToParcel (Parcel dest, int flags)

Static Public Attributes

static final Parcelable.Creator< CustomMessageBodyCREATOR

Detailed Description

The custom message body.

CustomMessageBody body = new CustomMessageBody(event);
String event()

Member Function Documentation

◆ event()

String ( )

Gets the event.

The event.

◆ getParams()

Map< String, String > ( )

Gets the params map.

The Map list.

◆ setEvent()

void ( String  event)

Sets the event.

◆ setParams()

void ( Map< String, String >  params)

Sets the params map.

Member Data Documentation


final Parcelable.Creator<CustomMessageBody>
Initial value:
= new Parcelable.Creator<CustomMessageBody>() {
public CustomMessageBody createFromParcel(Parcel in) {
return new CustomMessageBody(in);
public CustomMessageBody[] newArray(int size) {
return new CustomMessageBody[size];

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