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 CmdMessageBody (String action)
String action ()
boolean isDeliverOnlineOnly ()
void deliverOnlineOnly (boolean onlineOnly)
String toString ()
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long operationTime ()
String operatorId ()
int operationCount ()

Detailed Description

The command message body.

CmdMessageBody body = new CmdMessageBody("delete", null);
CmdMessageBody(String action)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CmdMessageBody() ( String  action)

Creates a command message.

actionThe command action content.

Member Function Documentation

◆ action()

String ( )

Gets the command action content.

The command action content.

◆ deliverOnlineOnly()

void ( boolean  onlineOnly)

Sets whether the current cmd msg is only delivered to online users.

onlineOnlyWhether to deliver to online users only.
  • (Default)false: The message is delivered to all users.
  • true: The message is delivered to the online users only, so the offline users won't receive the message when they log in later.

◆ isDeliverOnlineOnly()

boolean ( )

Checks whether this cmd message is only delivered to online users.

- true: Only delivers to online users.
  • false: Delivers to all users.

◆ toString()

String ( )

Gets and displays the content of the CMD message.

The content of the action of the CMD message.

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