AgoraWarningCode Constants Reference

Declared in AgoraEnumerates.h


Warning code.

Warning codes occur when the SDK encounters an error that may be recovered automatically. These are only notifications, and can generally be ignored. For example, when the SDK loses connection to the server, the SDK reports the AgoraWarningCodeOpenChannelTimeout(106) warning and tries to reconnect automatically.


typedef NS_ENUM(NSInteger, AgoraWarningCode ) {
   AgoraWarningCodeInvalidView = 8,
   AgoraWarningCodeInitVideo = 16,
   AgoraWarningCodePending = 20,
   AgoraWarningCodeNoAvailableChannel = 103,
   AgoraWarningCodeLookupChannelTimeout = 104,
   AgoraWarningCodeLookupChannelRejected = 105,
   AgoraWarningCodeOpenChannelTimeout = 106,
   AgoraWarningCodeOpenChannelRejected = 107,
   AgoraWarningCodeSwitchLiveVideoTimeout = 111,
   AgoraWarningCodeSetClientRoleTimeout = 118,
   AgoraWarningCodeSetClientRoleNotAuthorized = 119,
   AgoraWarningCodeOpenChannelInvalidTicket = 121,
   AgoraWarningCodeOpenChannelTryNextVos = 122,
   AgoraWarningCodeAudioMixingOpenError = 701,
   AgoraWarningCodeAdmRuntimePlayoutWarning = 1014,
   AgoraWarningCodeAdmRuntimeRecordingWarning = 1016,
   AgoraWarningCodeAdmRecordAudioSilence = 1019,
   AgoraWarningCodeAdmPlaybackMalfunction = 1020,
   AgoraWarningCodeAdmRecordMalfunction = 1021,
   AgoraWarningCodeAdmInterruption = 1025,
   AgoraWarningCodeAdmCategoryNotPlayAndRecord = 1029,
   AgoraWarningCodeAdmRecordAudioLowlevel = 1031,
   AgoraWarningCodeAdmPlayoutAudioLowlevel = 1032,
   AgoraWarningCodeAdmNoDataReadyCallback = 1040,
   AgoraWarningCodeAdmInconsistentDevices = 1042,
   AgoraWarningCodeApmHowling = 1051,
   AgoraWarningCodeAdmGlitchState = 1052,
   AgoraWarningCodeApmResidualEcho = 1053,
   AgoraWarningCodeSuperResolutionStreamOverLimitation = 1610,
   AgoraWarningCodeSuperResolutionUserCountOverLimitation = 1611,
   AgoraWarningCodeSuperResolutionDeviceNotSupported = 1612,



8: The specified view is invalid. Specify a view when using the video call function.

Declared In AgoraEnumerates.h.


16: Failed to initialize the video function, possibly caused by a lack of resources. The users cannot see the video while the voice communication is not affected.

Declared In AgoraEnumerates.h.


20: The request is pending, usually due to some module not being ready, and the SDK postpones processing the request.

Declared In AgoraEnumerates.h.


103: No channel resources are available. Maybe because the server cannot allocate any channel resource.

Declared In AgoraEnumerates.h.


104: A timeout occurs when looking up the channel. When joining a channel, the SDK looks up the specified channel. The warning usually occurs when the network condition is too poor for the SDK to connect to the server.

Declared In AgoraEnumerates.h.


105: The server rejects the request to look up the channel. The server cannot process this request or the request is illegal.

DEPRECATED as of v2.4.1. Use AgoraConnectionChangedRejectedByServer(10) in the reason parameter of connectionChangedToState.

Declared In AgoraEnumerates.h.


106: The server rejects the request to look up the channel. The server cannot process this request or the request is illegal.

Declared In AgoraEnumerates.h.


107: The server rejects the request to open the channel. The server cannot process this request or the request is illegal.

Declared In AgoraEnumerates.h.


111: A timeout occurs when switching to the live video.

Declared In AgoraEnumerates.h.


118: A timeout occurs when setting the client role in the interactive live streaming profile.

Declared In AgoraEnumerates.h.


119: Deprecated as of v3.7.0. Use the reason reported in didClientRoleChangeFailed instead.

Declared In AgoraEnumerates.h.


121: The SDK fails to join a channel.

Declared In AgoraEnumerates.h.


122: Try connecting to another server.

Declared In AgoraEnumerates.h.


701: An error occurs in opening the audio mixing file.

Declared In AgoraEnumerates.h.


1014: Audio Device Module: a warning occurs in the playback device.

Declared In AgoraEnumerates.h.


1016: Audio Device Module: a warning occurs in the sampling device.

Declared In AgoraEnumerates.h.


1019: Audio device module: No valid audio data is sampled.

Declared In AgoraEnumerates.h.


1020: Audio Device Module: a playback device fails.

Declared In AgoraEnumerates.h.


1021: Audio Device Module: a sampling device fails.

Declared In AgoraEnumerates.h.


1025: The local audio capture is interrupted by a system call, Siri, or alarm clock. Remind your user to end the phone call, Siri, or alarm clock if the local audio capture is required.

Declared In AgoraEnumerates.h.


1029: During a call, AudioSessionCategory should be set to AVAudioSessionCategoryPlayAndRecord, and the SDK monitors this value. If the AudioSessionCategory is set to other values, this warning code is triggered and the SDK will forcefully set it back to AVAudioSessionCategoryPlayAndRecord.

Declared In AgoraEnumerates.h.


1031: Audio Device Module: the sampled audio is too low.

Declared In AgoraEnumerates.h.


1032: Audio Device Module: the playback audio is too low.

Declared In AgoraEnumerates.h.


1040: Audio device module: An error occurs in the audio driver. Solution:

  • Restart your audio device.
  • Restart your device where the app runs.
  • Upgrade the sound card drive.
  • Declared In AgoraEnumerates.h.


    1042: Audio device module: The audio sampling device is different from the audio playback device, which may cause echoes problem. Agora recommends using the same audio device to sample and playback audio.

    Declared In AgoraEnumerates.h.


    1051: (Communication profile only) Audio Processing Module: A howling sound is detected when sampling the audio data

    Declared In AgoraEnumerates.h.


    1052: Audio Device Module: the device is in the glitch state.

    Declared In AgoraEnumerates.h.


    1053: Audio Processing Module: A residual echo is detected, which may be caused by the belated scheduling of system threads or the signal overflow.

    Declared In AgoraEnumerates.h.


    1610: Super-resolution warning: The original resolution of the remote user’s video is beyond the range where super resolution can be applied.

    Declared In AgoraEnumerates.h.


    1611: Super-resolution warning: Super resolution is already being used to boost another remote user’s video.

    Declared In AgoraEnumerates.h.


    1612: Super-resolution warning: The device does not support using super resolution.

    Declared In AgoraEnumerates.h.

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