AgoraRtmpStreamingState Constants Reference

Declared in AgoraEnumerates.h


The RTMP or RTMPS streaming state.


typedef NS_ENUM(NSUInteger, AgoraRtmpStreamingState ) {
   AgoraRtmpStreamingStateIdle = 0,
   AgoraRtmpStreamingStateConnecting = 1,
   AgoraRtmpStreamingStateRunning = 2,
   AgoraRtmpStreamingStateRecovering = 3,
   AgoraRtmpStreamingStateFailure = 4,
   AgoraRtmpStreamingStateDisconnecting = 5,



0: The RTMP or RTMPS streaming has not started or has ended. This state is also triggered after you remove an RTMP or RTMPS stream from the CDN by calling removePublishStreamUrl.

Declared In AgoraEnumerates.h.


1: The SDK is connecting to Agora’s streaming server and the CDN server. This state is triggered after you call the addPublishStreamUrl method.

Declared In AgoraEnumerates.h.


2: The RTMP or RTMPS streaming is being published. The SDK successfully publishes the RTMP or RTMPS streaming and returns this state.

Declared In AgoraEnumerates.h.


3: The RTMP or RTMPS streaming is recovering. When exceptions occur to the CDN, or the streaming is interrupted, the SDK attempts to resume RTMP or RTMPS streaming and returns this state.

  • If the SDK successfully resumes the streaming, AgoraRtmpStreamingStateRunning(2) returns.
  • If the streaming does not resume within 60 seconds or server errors occur, AgoraRtmpStreamingStateFailure(4) returns. You can also reconnect to the server by calling the removePublishStreamUrl and addPublishStreamUrl methods.

    Declared In AgoraEnumerates.h.

  • AgoraRtmpStreamingStateFailure

    4: The RTMP or RTMPS streaming fails. See the errorCode parameter for the detailed error information. You can also call the addPublishStreamUrl method to publish the RTMP or RTMPS streaming again.

    Declared In AgoraEnumerates.h.


    5: The SDK is disconnecting from the Agora streaming server and CDN. When you call remove or stop to stop the streaming normally, the SDK reports the streaming state as Disconnecting, Idle in sequence.

    Available in v3.6.0

    Declared In AgoraEnumerates.h.

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