AgoraRtmDownloadMediaErrorCode Constants Reference

Declared in AgoraRtmKit.h


Error codes related to downloading a file or image.



0: The method call succeeds, or the operation succeeds.

Declared In AgoraRtmKit.h.


1: Unknown common failure. Check whether you have write access.

Declared In AgoraRtmKit.h.


2: An argument you put is invalid. For example, mediaId is in the wrong format or filePath is set as null.

Declared In AgoraRtmKit.h.


3: A timeout occurs. The current timeout is set as 120 seconds. The SDK assumes that a timeout occurs if it has not detected any file transmission between the SDK and the file server for 120 seconds.

Declared In AgoraRtmKit.h.


4: The file or image to download does not exist, either because the media ID you input is incorrect or because the validity of the media ID has expired.

Declared In AgoraRtmKit.h.


5: You have exceeded the upper limit for file download. You can initiate a maximum of nine file download or upload tasks at the same time (download and upload tasks count together).

Declared In AgoraRtmKit.h.


6: The file or image download task is aborted for either of the following reasons:

  • The receiver is in the AgoraRtmConnectionStateAborted state.
  • The receiver has cancelled the download task.
  • Declared In AgoraRtmKit.h.


    101: The SDK is not initialized.

    Declared In AgoraRtmKit.h.


    102: The user does not call the loginByToken method, or the method call of loginByToken does not succeed before this operation.

    Declared In AgoraRtmKit.h.

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