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agora::rtc::RemoteVideoTrackStats Struct Reference

#include <NGIAgoraVideoTrack.h>

Public Member Functions

 RemoteVideoTrackStats ()

Public Attributes

uid_t uid
int delay
int width
int height
int receivedBitrate
int decoderOutputFrameRate
int rendererOutputFrameRate
int frameLossRate
int packetLossRate
int totalFrozenTime
int frozenRate
uint32_t totalDecodedFrames
int avSyncTimeMs
uint32_t downlink_process_time_ms
uint32_t frame_render_delay_ms
uint64_t totalActiveTime
uint64_t publishDuration

Detailed Description

The struct of RemoteVideoTrackStats.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ RemoteVideoTrackStats()

agora::rtc::RemoteVideoTrackStats::RemoteVideoTrackStats ( )

Member Data Documentation

◆ avSyncTimeMs

int agora::rtc::RemoteVideoTrackStats::avSyncTimeMs

The offset (ms) between audio and video stream. A positive value indicates the audio leads the video, and a negative value indicates the audio lags the video.

◆ decoderOutputFrameRate

int agora::rtc::RemoteVideoTrackStats::decoderOutputFrameRate

The decoder output frame rate (fps) of the remote video track.

◆ delay

int agora::rtc::RemoteVideoTrackStats::delay

The overall delay (ms) of the video frames.

◆ downlink_process_time_ms

uint32_t agora::rtc::RemoteVideoTrackStats::downlink_process_time_ms

The average offset(ms) between receive first packet which composite the frame and the frame ready to render.

◆ frame_render_delay_ms

uint32_t agora::rtc::RemoteVideoTrackStats::frame_render_delay_ms

The average time cost in renderer.

◆ frameLossRate

int agora::rtc::RemoteVideoTrackStats::frameLossRate

The video frame loss rate (%) of the remote video stream in the reported interval.

◆ frozenRate

int agora::rtc::RemoteVideoTrackStats::frozenRate

The total video freeze time as a percentage (%) of the total time when the video is available.

◆ height

int agora::rtc::RemoteVideoTrackStats::height

The height (pixel) of the remote video track.

◆ packetLossRate

int agora::rtc::RemoteVideoTrackStats::packetLossRate

The packet loss rate (%) of the remote video track after using the anti-packet-loss method.

◆ publishDuration

uint64_t agora::rtc::RemoteVideoTrackStats::publishDuration

The total publish duration (ms) of the remote video stream.

◆ receivedBitrate

int agora::rtc::RemoteVideoTrackStats::receivedBitrate

The bitrate (Kbps) received in the reported interval.

◆ rendererOutputFrameRate

int agora::rtc::RemoteVideoTrackStats::rendererOutputFrameRate

The render output frame rate (fps) of the remote video track.

◆ rxStreamType

VIDEO_STREAM_TYPE agora::rtc::RemoteVideoTrackStats::rxStreamType

The remote video stream type: VIDEO_STREAM_TYPE.

◆ totalActiveTime

uint64_t agora::rtc::RemoteVideoTrackStats::totalActiveTime

The total time (ms) when the remote user neither stops sending the video stream nor disables the video module after joining the channel.

◆ totalDecodedFrames

uint32_t agora::rtc::RemoteVideoTrackStats::totalDecodedFrames

The total number of decoded video frames.

◆ totalFrozenTime

int agora::rtc::RemoteVideoTrackStats::totalFrozenTime

The total freeze time (ms) of the remote video track after the remote user joins the channel. In a video session where the frame rate is set to no less than 5 fps, video freeze occurs when the time interval between two adjacent renderable video frames is more than 500 ms.

◆ uid

uid_t agora::rtc::RemoteVideoTrackStats::uid

The ID of the remote user.

◆ width

int agora::rtc::RemoteVideoTrackStats::width

The width (pixel) of the remote video track.

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