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agora::media::base::AudioPcmFrame Struct Reference

#include <AgoraMediaBase.h>

Public Member Functions

AudioPcmFrameoperator= (const AudioPcmFrame &src)
 AudioPcmFrame ()
 AudioPcmFrame (const AudioPcmFrame &src)

Public Attributes

uint32_t capture_timestamp
size_t samples_per_channel_
int sample_rate_hz_
size_t num_channels_
rtc::BYTES_PER_SAMPLE bytes_per_sample
int16_t data_ [kMaxDataSizeSamples]

Detailed Description

The detailed information of the incoming audio frame in the PCM format.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ AudioPcmFrame() [1/2]

agora::media::base::AudioPcmFrame::AudioPcmFrame ( )

◆ AudioPcmFrame() [2/2]

agora::media::base::AudioPcmFrame::AudioPcmFrame ( const AudioPcmFrame src)

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator=()

AudioPcmFrame & agora::media::base::AudioPcmFrame::operator= ( const AudioPcmFrame src)

Member Data Documentation

◆ bytes_per_sample

rtc::BYTES_PER_SAMPLE agora::media::base::AudioPcmFrame::bytes_per_sample

The number of bytes per sample.

◆ capture_timestamp

uint32_t agora::media::base::AudioPcmFrame::capture_timestamp

The timestamp (ms) of the audio frame.

◆ data_

int16_t agora::media::base::AudioPcmFrame::data_[kMaxDataSizeSamples]

The audio frame data.

◆ num_channels_

size_t agora::media::base::AudioPcmFrame::num_channels_

The number of audio channels (data is interleaved, if stereo).


Initial value:
kMaxDataSizeSamples = 3840,
kMaxDataSizeBytes = kMaxDataSizeSamples * sizeof(int16_t),

The buffer size of the PCM audio frame.

◆ sample_rate_hz_

int agora::media::base::AudioPcmFrame::sample_rate_hz_

The sample rate (Hz) of the audio data.

◆ samples_per_channel_

size_t agora::media::base::AudioPcmFrame::samples_per_channel_

The number of samples per channel.

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