Media Player Kit Objective-C API Overview

Main methods

Method Description
initWithDelegate Creates AgoraMediaPlayer.
initWithDelegate Creates AgoraMediaPlayer and sets the voice chat mode.
destroy Destroys AgoraMediaPlayer.
setLogFile Specifies the output log files of the Mediaplayer Kit.
setLogFilter Sets the output log level of the Mediaplayer Kit.
AgoraMediaPlayerDelegate Sets the AgoraMediaPlayerDelegate protocol.
setView Sets the view.
setRenderMode Sets the render mode of the view.
open Opens the media resource.
setLoopCount Sets the loop playback.
changePlaybackSpeed Changes the playback speed.
selectAudioTrack Selects the audio track used during playback.
play Plays the media resource.
pause Pauses the playback.
stop Stops the playback.
seekToPosition Seeks to a new playback position.
mute Sets whether to mute the media resource.
getMute Confirms whether the media resource is muted.
adjustVolume Adjusts the local playback volume.
getPlayPosition Gets current local playback progress.
getDuration Gets the duration of the media resource.
getPlayerState Gets current playback state.
getStreamCount Gets the number of the media streams in the media resource.
getStreamByIndex Gets the detailed information of the media stream AgoraMediaStreamInfo.
getPlayerSdkVersion Gets the version number of the MediaPlayer Kit.
switchSrc Switches the media resource being played.
addPreloadSrc Preloads media resources.
playPreload Plays preloaded media resources.

Main events

Event Description
didChangedToState Reports the playback state change.
didChangedToPosition Reports current playback progress.
didOccurEvent Reports the playback event.
didReceiveData Reports the reception of the media metadata.
didReceiveVideoFrame Occurs when each time the player receives a video frame.
didReceiveAudioFrame Occurs when each time the player receives an audio frame.
didPlayBufferUpdate Reports the playback duration that the buffered data can support.
didPreloadEvent Reports the events for preloading media resources.