ChatClientDeprecated extension Null safety



currentUsername String?
Gets the current logged-in username.


addConnectionListener(ChatConnectionListener listener) → void
Adds the connection listener of chat server.
addCustomListener(ChatCustomListener listener) → void
Adds a custom listener to receive data from iOS or Android devices.
addMultiDeviceListener(ChatMultiDeviceListener listener) → void
Adds the multi-device listener.
clearAllConnectionListeners() → void
Removes all chat server connection listeners.
clearAllCustomListeners() → void
Removes all custom listeners.
clearAllMultiDeviceListeners() → void
Removes all multi-device listener.
getCurrentUsername() Future<String?>
Gets the current login user ID.
removeConnectionListener(ChatConnectionListener listener) → void
Removes the chat server connection listener.
removeCustomListener(ChatCustomListener listener) → void
Removes the custom listener.
removeMultiDeviceListener(ChatMultiDeviceListener listener) → void
Removes the multi-device listener.